If you’ve been experiencing some of these feelings:

  • Not being good enough
  • Anxiety or depression (which often go hand-in-hand)
  • Feeling “stuck”
  • Confusion and difficulty in your relationships
  • Grief
  • Exhausting stress (See my article Coping in Stressful Times)

Here is what I can offer…

You are Beautifully Unique!

For several decades I have helped patients, each of whom comes into therapy with his or her own unique personality, a particular way of thinking about themselves and others. Everyone has their own distinctive struggle with the issues and problems causing them pain. Some people come in with unresolved grief or anger regarding old or more recent trauma, some come in with relationship issues. Your therapy will be specific for who you are, and what you need.

How You Can Change

Change comes about not by becoming someone different; change happens from gently exploring the unconscious walls and behaviors we learned to put up throughout our life, in order to survive something painful. The growth and change we experience through therapy comes from becoming more deeply and fully who we already were before it became unsafe to be that. Everyone’s specific experiences are different, but we all want to feel safe (or safer!) in our world.

Feeling Heard

Sitting with someone who truly listens, observes, and sensitively shares insights and perceptions, may be, for some, the first time you feel genuinely connected with and respected for your unique human-ness – resulting in a calmer, clearer mind, and a more open heart (for yourself and for others!) In sessions, I support your awareness of what is happening now, help you identify your feelings, and thus experience new feelings in a more flexible manner.

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