Hi. I’m Ellen Butterfield.

I’ve been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 1996. I have given presentations at colleges, professional organizations, hospitals, and parent groups, and have had articles published in psychology magazines. I have facilitated therapy groups for women, for people going through divorce, and for children, but my most fulfilling work is helping individuals and couples. I’m also very familiar with the 12-Step program and have seen patients benefit greatly from the combination of therapy and working the Program.

In addition, my own past experience in the movie and television industry allows me to help actors and writers maximize their creativity and increase their career success.

How I Work

I’m not a therapist who just sits back and gives you no feedback (like a pipe-smoking Freud!) I work using a Relational Gestalt method, (See my article explaining Relational Gestalt) where our dialogue is a partnership in discovering and untangling what’s causing you pain or difficulty in your world.

With compassion, humor, (yes, therapy can include humor!) patience, and a willingness to deeply understand your feelings, I help you become more aware of what you need, what’s standing in your way, how to make significant changes in how you feel, and see alternative actions and solutions in your life.

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