Studio City

Talking with a therapist is different than talking with friends. It is the nature of the talk, and the nature of the relationship with the therapist that can bring about changes in your life. A therapist observes, supports, and helps you become aware of emotional components that are crucial to self-understanding and to making significant changes in your life. The ability to see alternative solutions and actions comes from learning to respect your own human-ness and understanding your feelings and those of the others in your life.

Individual Therapy

When we feel safe and securely attached with our partner, we feel loved and our relationship is easier; when we feel distant and insecurely attached, we can get into conflicts and negative cycles that play out repeatedly. HOW couples interact, and not so much WHAT they’re arguing about is what can cause them to feel unsafe and defensive. I am trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy, (Sue Johnson’s research-validated method for helping couples re-connect in a deeper, safer way.) EFT is a method that helps couples slow things down and start feeling safe enough to express to their partner what’s going on for them under the surface, to help them connect more powerfully and more lovingly. Read Dr. Johnson’s book, “Hold me Tight” to get a sense of what your relationship can be.

Couples Counseling

  If you are experiencing any of these issues or symptoms, therapy can help.

Emotional stress or anxiety

Feelings of loneliness or isolation



Relationship difficulties

Sexual disturbances

Family conflict or tension

Divorce or separation

Child behavior problems

Difficulty coping with changing lifestyle

Fear, anger or guilt

Grief or emotional pain