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Divorce Support for Adults and Children

Divorce Support Groups/Women

Getting divorced can be a really crazy time. You might feel pain, guilt, anger, loneliness, stress, depression, anxiety, and a sense that the world has turned upside down. People who have been in a long-term marriage feel like the whole fabric of their life has unraveled. Many people feel the need for a supportive atmosphere during this time – a place where they can reveal, question, cry, and share their deepest feelings about their situation.

A Divorce Support Group can be a safe and helpful haven when you need the support and understanding of others who are going through a similar experience. Call (818) 458-3344 to inquire if space is available.

Few children survive their parents' divorce without exhibiting some sort of symptom - symptoms ranging all the way from difficulty in school and trouble with peers, to depression and running away from home. With some children, the emotional scars from parental divorce can last a lifetime, and unresolved issues can affect their adult relationships.

Often, children benefit from seeing a therapist who can help them deal with the new world that has been thrust upon them with their parents’ divorce.